1. Daniel Boone Park

  2. 'Merica

  3. Fun in our yard

  4. I love my job 

  5. Tommy got to meet Ray Charles the Golden Retriever today!

  6. Spent my birthday exploring the woods with my three favorite dogs!

  7. Couldn’t get these two knuckle heads to look in the same direction




    Hi everyone!

    I was hoping you could all do me a HUGE favor!

    Could you please please please go to this website:

    and vote for the doggie daycare I work for (The Natural Paw, Ipswich)

    It only takes a few minutes, our category is on the last page and you don’t have to vote for the other categories if you don’t want to.

    It would mean so much to me if you could take a few minutes to do this and maybe share with friends.

    Send me a message letting me know if you voted and I’ll find someway to thank you!

    Re-posting again because it would mean so much to me if we won. Please vote for my doggie daycare! 

    You don’t have to be from the north shore in fact you can be from anywhere in the world!

    Please and Thank You!!

  10. Hey!

All Photos by Kendra Purington